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HISTORY TIMELINE (30KBC-1499) By Gerald Murphy

DATE EVENT ==== ====================================================================== 30KBC (or earlier) Probable crossing of Bering Straits by Indian ancestors 44BC March 15, Julius Caesar is assassinated 63BC Julius Caesar creates the Julian Calendar 61 Spinden date for the Leyden Plate, a carved jade plaque in Mexico 68 Spinden date for oldest stone monument or stela, in Mexico 217 Year of oldest Pueblo roofbeam that can be carbon-14 dated 400 Heyday of the Moundbuilders in Mississippi and Ohio valleys 725 Casa Grande, an Indian fort and large irrigation works built - Arizona 850 Norsemen defeat Irishmen, eject them from Iceland 985 Eric the Red colonizes Greenland 1000 Leif, Eric's son, builds dwelling on NE coast of Newfoundland 1000 Tiahuanaco civilization in Peru, widespread planting of potatoes, corn 1056 Beginning of the democratic Pataria movement in Milan 1100 Mayan civilization reaches it's height in Central America 1215 King John seals Magna Carta at Runnymede. But not made law until 1297 1225 Magna Carta reissued for third time in definitive form 1254 Birth of Marco Polo, explorer who will bring pasta to Italy from China 1265 First English Parliament, January 20 1297 Magna Carta confirmed by Edward I, enters English statute rolls as law 1325 Toltec empire defeated by Aztecs in Mexico 1327 Aztecs establish Mexico City 1332 Parliament divides into two houses 1347 Bubonic plague in Europe; originated in India, 1332. 75 million deaths 1350 The League of Nations established at Onondaga, NY. 1st true democracy 1364 Aztecs build their capital at Tenochtitlan, Mexico 1438 Inca rule begins in Peru 1441 Portugese sailors enter slave trade with African Negroes at Cape Blanc 1451 Birth of Cristoforo Columbo; dies 1506 1454 Birth of Amerigo Vespucci; dies 1512 1492 Columbus departs Palos, Spain,in Santa Maria.Hopes to find gold/Indies 1494 Spain and Portugal divide New World in Treaty of Tordesillas 1497 John Cabot makes landfall in Newfoundland, claims it for England 1498 Cabots explore as far south as Hatteras; claim continent for England 1499 Ojeda explores Venezuelan coastline

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