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HISTORY TIMELINE (1900-1990) By Gerald Murphy

DATE EVENT ==== ====================================================================== 1900 Boxer Rebellion against foreigners in China begins 1901 McKinley assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt moves into presidency Sept 14 1902 First 4-H Club anywhere is in Springfield, OH 1903 Wright brothers prove future of aviation, Kitty Hawk, NC Dec 17 1903 Great automobile race from New York City to Pittsburgh takes eight days 1904 Nov. 24, World's first practical track type tractor tested in Calif. 1904 Chief Joseph dies in exile in Washington state, fighting no more 1906 Great San Francisco earthquake April 18 kills over 500 people 1908 First Model T rolls off the Ford assembly line 1908 U.S. Governors issue Declaration on Conservation, May 15 1908 L. B. Johnson, 36th President, born; dies 1973 1909 Great White Fleet of 16 battleships completes trip around the world 1909 Robert E. Peary (a white) & Matthew A. Henson (a black) reach N. Pole 1909 NAACP founded by W. E. B. DuBois 1910 Boy Scouts of America founded, Feb 8 1911 Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th president of U.S. born in Tampico, IL 1911 First transcontinental flight takes 82 hours, over nearly 2 months 1911 Ronald Reagan, 40th President, born in Tampico, Illinois 1912 Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) founded March 12 1912 Garrett Morgan of Cleveland invents the gas mask 1912 Titanic hits iceberg, April 15. 1503 lives lost 1913 Harriet Tubman, heroine of underground railroad, dies; buried in Ohio 1913 Nixon, 37th President, born 1913 Ford, 38th President (1st non-elected), born 1913 16th Amendment establishes income tax 1913 17th Amendment changed election rules for Senators 1914 Panama Canal completed 1914 American Radio Relay League (ARRL) founded in Newington, CT by W1AW 1914 World War I begins in Europe; President Wilson declares neutrality 1915 SS Lusitania sunk May 7; 1100 lives lost 1916 General John "Blackjack" Pershing chases Pancho Villa deep into Mexico 1917 After scores of U-boat incidents over last 3 years, U. S. enters WW I 1917 Kennedy, 35th President, born; dies 1963 1917 Russian Revolution; they enjoy brief democracy for only time in history 1917 Father Edward Flanagan founds Boy's Town, December 1 1918 The American's Creed adopted April 3 1918 Armistice ends WW I on 11th hour of 11th day of 11th month 1919 18th Amendment introduces prohibition of intoxicating liquors 1920 19th Amendment brings women the vote, Aug 26 1921 Man O' War retires to 26 years at stud 1923 Garrett Morgan of Cleveland invents traffic signals 1923 Teapot Dome scandal involves illegal lease on Navy oil reserves 1924 Carter, 39th President, born 1924 Bush, 41st President, born 1924 Congress confers citizenship on (some) Native Americans, June 15 1925 The CL Best Tractor Co. and the Holt Manufacturing Co. merge to form Caterpillar Tractor Co. 1925 First municipal airport in the world is Hopkins, at Cleveland, OH 1925 First female as a state governor is Nellie Taylor Ross, in Wyoming 1925 John T. Scopes convicted of teaching evolution in Dayton, TN, July 24 1926 Richard E. Byrd flies over North Pole May 9 1927 Lucky Lindy lands in Paris May 21 after non-stop flight from New York 1928 Richard E. Byrd flies over South Pole November 28 1929 St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago; rival bootleggers shoot it out 1929 Great Depression begins after bank and stock failures in October 1930 DuMont's television broadcast in NYC to private homes, August 20 1931 The National Anthem finally adopted by Congress March 3 1931 Empire State Building opens May 1 1932 20th Amendment established starting date for Presidency & Congress 1932 Welland Canal bypasses Niagara Falls for shipping 1933 First woman in President Cabinet is Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins 1933 Emergency Banking Act, March 9 1933 Civilian Conservation Corps, March 31 1933 Federal Emergency Relief Act, Agriculture Adjustment Act, May 12 1933 Tennessee Valley Authority Act, May 18 1933 Farm Credit Act, June 16 1933 21st Amendment repeals prohibition amendment 1934 Securities and Exchange Commission created June 6 1935 Works Progress Administration approved by Congress, April 8 1935 Wagner-Connery Act establishes National Labor Relations Board, July 5 1935 Social Security Act, August 14 1937 Amelia Earhart Putnam disappears during attempt to fly around the world 1937 Adolph Hitler tells his generals of his plan to take over Europe, Nov 5 1939 Geological Surv. final report on cost of Louisiana Purchase $23.2 mil. 1939 After attacking other nations, Hitler starts WW II by attacking Poland 1939 Bill of Rights finally ratified by Massachusetts, Georgia & Connecticut 1941 Lend-Lease Act became law March 11 1941 Churchill & Roosvelt develop The Atlantic Charter, Aug 14 in Argentia 1941 December 7, the Day of Infamy, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, HI 1942 Executive Order 9066 imprisons many thousands of Nisei for three years 1942 Jimmy Doolittle bombs Tokyo, flying B-25's from USS Hornet, April 18 1942 The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 7-8 1942 The Battle of Midway, June 4 1942 The Battles of Guadalcanal: ashore, August 7; at sea, Nov 12-15 1942 First self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction, by Fermi, December 2 1944 Landing at Anzio Beach by the Allies, January 22 1944 D-Day at Normandy! The Longest Day begins, June 6 1944 The Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 19 1945 Marines raise the flag on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, February 23 1945 First atomic bomb exploded anywhere is at Los Alamos, NM, July 16 1945 B-29 'Enola Gay' drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Aug 6 1945 Last atomic bomb then in existence dropped at Nagasaki, August 9 1945 World War II ends: first in Europe, May 7; then in Japan, Sept 2 1945 United Nations chartered in San Francisco; in 1950 moves to NYC 1946 Taft-Hartley Act outlaws certain practices of trade unions 1947 Truman Doctrine opposes Communism in Greece and elsewhere, Mar 12 1947 Marshall Plan helps rebuild Europe, June 5 1947 Transistor invented at Bell Labs, in New Jersey, Dec 23 1948 Foreign Assistance Act funds the Marshall Plan, April 3 1948 Organization of American States (OAS) formed, April 30 1948 United Nations creates Republic of Israel out of Palestine 1948 Berlin airlift begins nearly a year of relief to overcome blockade 1948 Native Americans allowed to vote (finally) in New Mexico and Arizona 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization born, April 4 1950 North Korea invades South Korea, June 25 1951 22nd Amendment limits president to two terms. 1st proposer: Jefferson 1953 Most "declared" hostilities end in Korea, 38th parallel becomes DMZ 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka overturns Plessy v. Ferguson 1954 Remington Rand sells a UNIVAC system to General Motors 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk proves his vaccine against polio virus is safe 1957 Sputnik 1959 St. Lawrence Seaway opens Chicago to ocean shipping, Apr 25 1960 23rd Amendment granted Electoral College representation to DC 1962 Ohioan John Glenn is first U. S. astronaut to orbit earth, Feb 20 1962 Military aid begins in South Vietnam 1963 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. announces "I Have A Dream" on August 28 1963 John F. Kennedy assassinated, Johnson moves into presidency 1964 24th Amendment killed "poll taxes" 1964 Civil Rights Act strenghtens Federal enforcement of anti-discrimination 1964 Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Aug 24; repealed in 1970 1967 25th Amendment allows President to step aside temporarily, then resume 1967 Thurgood Marshall is first black to become a justice on Supreme Court 1968 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered in Memphis 1969 Ohioan Neil Armstrong took one small step for a man, onto the moon 1971 26th amendment gives 18 year olds the vote 1972 Equal Rights Amendment proposed by Congress; never ratified by states 1973 Vice President Agnew forced to resign, Ford becomes 1st non-elected VP 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision starts bitter abortion/anti-abortion debates 1974 Nixon resigns in disgrace, Ford moves into the presidency 1975 The fall of Saigon, South Vietnam 1980 First U.S. President born in Illinois, Ronald Reagan, is elected 1980 Mount St. Helens volcano erupts 1981 First female Supreme Court Justice is Sandra Day O'Connor 1984 Geraldine Ferraro is first serious female Vice Presidential candidate 1986 Rutan and Yeager took a one-tank-trip around the world 1986 Shuttle "Challenger" exploded on takeoff, 7 astronauts perished 1987 Second Community computer goes online in Youngstown, Ohio 1990 Communist dominoes fall -- backwards! World rejoices! Prepared by Gerald Murphy (The Cleveland Free-Net - aa300) Distributed by the Cybercasting Services Division of the National Public Telecomputing Network (NPT)). Permission is hereby granted to download, reprint, and/or otherwise redistribute this file, provided appropriate point of origin credit is given to the preparer(s) and the National Public Telecomputing Network.

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